Shohato's Research Group

 Nanjing University-ICIER


Are you curious about the Earth and its complex systems? Do you want to know more about the origins and evolution of all elements? My research interests in Environmental Geochemistry cover a wide range of fascinating topics, including atmospheric chemistry, biogeochemistry, and more. But what really drives me is my insatiable curiosity about the world around us. I'm not limited to studying just one part of the Earth - I'm interested in everything from the atmosphere to the biosphere, the cryosphere, and beyond.

My previous and current research projects have covered some of the most remote and beautiful places on Earth, from the frozen expanses of Antarctica to the rugged peaks of the Himalayas. Using cutting-edge analytical methods, including isotopologues analyses and global chemical transport models, we can work to better understand how our world works - and how we can protect it for future generations.

So if you're a student who's passionate about science and eager to make a difference in the world, then I'd love to work with you on a research project. Let's explore the mysteries of the Earth and unlock the secrets of its evolution - together!